Sunday, September 22, 2013

Turns Out I'm Not That Useless at Life After All

Soo it is a week later and I have finally sat on my ass with a cup of tea and worked on my blog.

I think it is ready to be seen in public.

At least I hope it is.

I have had quite ze eventful week and so am very happy because I got to post more than one measly photo on Instagram and looked as if I had a life for a change.

The fabulous thing is that half the things I did was on my bucket list which makes me just that much less useless at life in general. Whoop Whoop.

Became BFFs with a Shark
Having just met Nemo in the tank next door, I was inspired to name him Bruce. Bruce and I have a mutual understanding. We are both deathly afraid of having our whole face in view of the camera.

Well actually I wouldn't have minded having a full-length photo with a shark but I think Bruce's attention span is slightly less than mine and he swam away swiftly after I took this photo and he then rammed into a rock.

I like to think it was by mistake.

Went Zip-Lining

Unfortunately my self-esteem would not let me post a picture of me zip-lining as it was just too funny. Let's just say I'm about as poised and graceful when hanging off a mountain as I am on solid ground. I also looked extremely brave and adventurous when dangling upside down as I was zipping from one platform to the other - everyone was extremely impressed - but between you and me, I had no clue how to keep myself up right.

*Its a bird.... its a plane.... no! It's Tayla flying upside down like a knob*.. My family was very supportive.

Won a Balloon

A less glamorous achievement compared to the above two, but still one for the books nonetheless! Apparently there is quite a fabulous picture of me and the balloon but I haven't managed to get hold of it as yet; so there is a reason for you to come back to this blog at least for the next post :P

Won a Sweet in Maths

I know, I know. This probably seems even less glamorous than winning a balloon, but my Maths teacher came up with the brilliant idea of bribing a class of 17 year olds to do Maths with sweets. The class was so unusually quiet as we all focused on the sums so that we could win a sucker, it was actually adorable.

I won't mention that when the teacher left the class for a second, we all ran out the class and went and hid behind the bathrooms. She found us. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. That's what I love about her, we didn't even get our sweets taken away she just threatened to hit us all over the head with her ruler.

So, all in all, quite an eventful week. I am trying my bestest to spend as much time and effort on my blog as possible but I have to focus on my Maths these days too. There are sweets to be won!

So, until next time,
Baiiiye :)

Oh P.S If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, my name is Lala_withlove . I shall follow you back with great joy.


  1. Wow, new blog.. welcome back :D
    And your blog looks super cute!

    definitely gonna come back here for the balloon photo :P

    Oooh my maths teacher used to do that too! He bribed us with 'smints'.. you know those mint candies? We used to go crazy over those :P

    Good luck with the maths!

    1. I know, new blog AGAIN :P thank youu

      Haha I was hoping that would be a reason for people to come back and not a reason for people NOT to come back.

      Oooh I love smints, I shall pitch that idea to my teacher :p thanks again


  2. Sharks are hella cool, and ziplining is something I still need to do as well. Sounds like a great week for sure!
    (And math is important, so good to see you're motivated to work hard for it, even if it's just for a piece of candy.)

    You should definitely try catching up with Caves, apparently it's pretty good. (I'd tell you otherwise, but I can't really judge my own work, now can I?) No need to post your link in the comments though, I would've found it regardless. ;D

    1. Haha even though Maths is important.. I suck at it. I need all the motivation I can get.

      I shall indeed make it my mission in life to catch up with Caves. I was just making sure people would be able to find my blog if they wanted to :p this blasted Google Account thing grinds my liver. But aww thank you :D


  3. Cute blog! :) Also, I am absolutely obsessed with balloons lol


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