Monday, December 30, 2013


Helloo friendies,

I hope you have had a fabulous Christmas and a good rest from the daily grind, and are ready to reflect on the year ahead and come up with ways to improve yourself.

I know I'm not.

For the passed three weeks I have been in Knysna, a place on the coast of South Africa. I live in a province more - a lot more- north of the coast, and in total it took 14 hours to drive here. We did it in a day. I find it to be one of the biggest punishments to be made to sit still in a vehicle for 14 hours - save for a minute or two to stop, get out, stretch your legs and go pee.

But we all made it here alive. And I have been having a brilliant time. I go jogging down to the shops every morning in my socks and slippers and there is a pool that is so warm you'd think that someone has peed for days in it.

Well, there probably have been many occasions when someone has peed in it, but let's not dwell for too long on that.

During one of my many days spent lying on my lilo in the pee-pool, I found myself pondering the meaning of life and trying to remember the last time I had a good cup of tea, and I then fell asleep. For 5 hours. On the lilo. In the sun.

I know I know, it was very stupid of me. It is extremely bad for my skin and all, but it really was an honest mistake. Pondering the meaning of life is hefty business.
What I still fail to understand is why no one ever woke me up. When I asked them about it later, they said they didn't know I was there.
I'd love to know where they thought I was...
Although I am pretty happy with myself that I didn't fall off the lilo during my hours of slumber.
Well, needless to say I was not very cosy for the next few days. I looked like a red blimp, and it took me around 3 minutes on average (we timed it) for me to be able to sit down.

The worst of it all was I didn't even burn evenly. My one leg was in the shade of a tree near the pool. So I ended up with one  bright shitty red leg and one still my naturally shitty pale leg.

Buut I was determined to not let this ruin my holiday, and continued to jog down to the shops in my slippers every morning. And after about 4 bottles of After Sun and 3 days just about bathing in sun tan lotion before going out, I went brown.

Which is really strange because normally I burn and then go back to white again after a day or so.

So my skin is now sun-kissed and Greek-like.

For how long, I don't know. But I like to think it will last a few years or so.


I don't think I'll ever try it again though. Besides the fact that it is sooo bad for your skin, I can't take back the amount of time of my life that was lost trying to sit down and stand up again while I was burnt. And although I am not one to really care about what others have to say about me, I didn't enjoy looking like a blimp.

So it's eased the pain of the thought of having to leave in two days' time. I get nauseous just thinking about the fact that I'll have to spend another 14 hours in the car again. But I just think about my tan and the nausea gets scared and runs away, for the most part.

I don't know if you've noticed the redesign of my blog. Kindly let me know what you think of it. There is a big fat welcome mat for suggestions. I also have two buttons on the side ----> over there ----> for you to put on your blog. If you grab one, let me know, and I'll grab one of yours' back too. *friendship*

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Meet Sir Pugsley

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Enjoy friendships :)


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm Back from the Dead - or the Living?

Hello everybaady,

I like to think I have made a safe and cosy return from my period of hibernation as  result of writing final exams of my 11th year at school. I think the only thing that got me through it was the knowledge that I only have one year of school left and then I can point my ass at it and never look back.

And then my journey at University shall begin.
Teehee, I'm like, nearly a big girl now.

A lot of things have happened since I last posted. I feel as if I have matured, if not simply gained more pimples.

Firstly, I have to mention that exams went very well indeed. I made my 80% average despite getting a really crappy Maths mark. I had also decided a week before the final exams started that I was going to take up Biology (it's all got to do with the limited number of designated subjects I have and need for getting into university). So, let me just say that again: One week before final exams I decided to take up Biology.

A simple dialogue between myself and my Biology teacher:

TayTay: Explains the whole sad saga of why I would like to take up Biology because I'm afraid I won't have enough credits to get into Uni because I take Computer Applications Technology which is not designated but bloody well should be.

Teacher: Have you lost your marbles?

TayTay: Well, ma'am..... yes

Teacher: Well if you want to take up Biology you need to write the exam and do the practical next week. You know this, right?

TayTay: Yes, yes I do.

Teacher: Give it a bash, it will be fun (no tone of sarcasm detected)

And bash it I did. I quite enjoyed it and wished I had taken it earlier. I found it best, because there were so many facts to learn, to dance around the house and sing out the facts until they stuck in my brain.
 I managed to get 76% as a final mark which wasn't shabby at all and I gave myself a proud hug.

It was also my birthday around 2 weeks ago.

What was my birthday prezzie?

Oooh, nothing. Just a Triple Forward Helix Piercing.

For those of you who don't know, it is zis:

I know many people don't like any piercings other than the basic lobe piercings but I have been head over heels in love with this piercing for a while.

It took some (a lot) of time to convince my mother to let me get it. And many battles were fought, but in the end, my passion and unconditional love and desire for the Triple Forward Helix piercing prevailed. My aunt (because my mom said she'd rather live in a swamp than watch me get another piercing) took me to get it on the morning of my birthday.

And yes, yes it did hurt like a bitch.

It was to be expected really.
I got all three at once, and while I was busy getting it done, there was this guy near me getting a tattoo done who kept speaking to me during the process..
And not in those soothing, comforting ways either. In an annoying "I'm old enough to fool everyone into thinking I'm the shizz now because I'm getting a tattoo when in fact my dad is paying for it (though he doesn't know that) and I took two tranquilizers before I came here to get it done"

I like to think that I manage to display and maintain a high standard of composition, politeness and friendliness at all times - even when I am getting three holes pierced through my ear which I do not regret but still cannot deny the intense, burning pain I felt while getting it and there is some guy going on and on about his stupid Fire Dragon tattoo and why he DOESN'T think I should be getting the piercing that I am getting and why the chicken who crossed the road ran away from my red ear..

I like to think that I capable of maintaining such displays, but, ya know...