Sunday, September 29, 2013

How Embarrassing...

Well, I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd have an embarrassantee post.

Except this time it really wasn't my fault.

We were all watching the film, Dead Man Walking as a class at school because it is our movie for our Film Study section this year. For those of you who don't know about it, Dead Man Walking is basically about a guy who rapes and murders two teenagers and is put in jail and on death row. Then he gets this nun to try help him prove he is "innocent". She tries but fails and she then turns into his spiritual adviser to prepare him for when he is killed by the state through a lethal injection.

So, it is a very dramatic film. I'm not complaining because I'm all for drama and all. Except, towards the end they show him being strapped to the table with the drip going in and the ..erm.. lethalness slowly going through the pipe. And there's a whole audience watching him die.
Then they show, between all of this, him and this other guy (who didn't get sentenced because he was found not guilty) raping and murdering those two kids..

And obviously my brain was just like, "no guys, no way" because the period ended before we had finished watching him die and I managed to make it out of the class before fainting.

How embarrassing.

Who faints at school after watching a movie?

Well, yeah, apparently I do...

In my defense though, a guy said to me afterwards "it was just a movie, it's not even real you shouldn't take it so seriously" and laughed at me because I fainted. I was still drowsy and just patted him on the head and said "poor, innocent, stupid boy" and sent him on his way. Ze fact is, although it is a movie, it is real. Things like that happen every day and you get ignorant giraffes like that guy who can't see further than the movie.

I think between watching this guy die (even though he was guilty) and then watching those two teenagers being raped and stabbed at the same time just made my subconscious really really upset. Maybe it was having a bad day or something, I don't know.

Oh well, if you feel like a party just rent Dead Man Walking and watch your friends drop like flies, the acting in the movie is tops... Unless you're a fly, like me. Then stay awaaay.


  1. You actually fainted? Whoa.

    It is sad though, at times life is unfair too. At times, it's the 'fairest of them all'
    But, we have to be prepared for all that's sent our way. I watch movies like these because after watching them I get a sense of being prepared for all that I might have to see in this Big Bad World. Although, some movies might be exaggerated, just saying.

    I followed your blog that last time I landed in here. and, it is worth the following :)

  2. You're the first person I know who has fainted under such circumstances. Haha. I haven't seen that movie! :O

  3. There's only one time a movie has that kind of impact on me. Typically I can seperate reality from fantasy, and have no problem watching movies with grossly disturbing things in them (unless its a horror movie) but there was one movie where this was not the case. That movie would be Scum. It's a movie about an English youth prison and there's a scene where a guy gets gang raped and it made me sick to my stomach. Still I really, REALLY question why they would show that movie to you.

  4. Oh, I swear the media studies class in our school is studying that film too. I think. How funny ^_^

    Anyhow, I guess it is embarrassing, but at least it shows you're not desensitized to such things. I mean, I'm not saying people who don't faint ARE, but that giraffe who said 'you shouldn't take it so seriously' clearly is a person who doesn't really understand how much it happens. I mean, I've watched some pretty violent movies, and I still cringe when something crazy bloody happens, and even though my cousins laugh and stuff, in a way I'm sort of glad it affects me, you know?

    And I've never fainted. What's it like? :P

  5. Its totally okay. Even though I haven't fainted after watching anything like that, it makes me feel totally dizzy and bad. I faint a lot. :p

  6. Just found your blog and I love it! New follower here, I can't wait to read more of your posts xx

  7. I love the weird reactions it incites in people. :P

  8. I wince when watching violent scenes because I usually put myself in the victim's shoes when watching. I've never fainted though. And when there's something highly inappropriate showing I just don't look at the screen for a while. I feel that it's not right to expose oneself to these things. There are times when we have to keep ourselves in check and guard our minds from bad things. We decide what we see. just my musings :D

  9. I have seen that film and it is beyond deep! I watched it in school as well and every time I see Sean Penn it reminds me of that film, it is so frickin intense I really don't blame you for was quite an amazing film though, acting-wise, it was so hard to separate it from reality...hope you've recovered from it :-)


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